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Corporate Banking

Making Payments

Making payments is a critical activity for your business. Our payment solutions through our Internet Banking channel and branch network provide comprehensive facilities to streamline your payment process and help you maximize your cash flow.

MCB offers different ways to help you do your local and international payments.
  • Book Transfers can be used to transfer funds to another MCB account;
  • Urgent Transfers in Mauritian Rupee to recipients at other local banks can be effected via the MACSS system;
  • Telegraphic transfers via the Swift Network can be done to send money to recipients at local or international banks.
  • Our Bulk Payment Solution is an easy to use internet based facility, enabling you to do your salaries, payment of dividends and more
  • Local and international Payments can also be effected with your Business or Corporate Credit Cards
  • If you have recurrent payments of a fixed amount in favour of the same beneficiary, you can set up a Standing Order and the payment will be effected automatically at the defined frequency
  • You can also settle your recurrent bills by Direct Debit provided your beneficiary is recorded as an MCB Direct Debit Originator.  In this case the beneficiary will notify us on the amount due and the bank shall complete the payment by transferring funds from your account into the beneficiary’s account
  • You can alternatively choose our more traditional payment methods, such as our MCB Cheques or drafts.