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Trade finance

If you are an import oriented business and need to order goods backed by a documentary credit, we are here to guarantee payment on your behalf.

We also handle documentary collections and provide payment guarantee through our bill avalisation process should it be required by your counterparty.

Enjoy the benefit of a rapid clearance of goods from Customs in the absence of document of title, thus avoiding the payment of demurrage charges through our Shipping guarantee facilities. Your working capital needs have also been catered for, import loan facilities form part and parcel of the range of trade finance products being offered pending payment from the end buyers.

If you are an exporter, we provide our export oriented customers with bills for collection service through our wide network of overseas correspondences. We help you with the documentary credit advising and our trade finance team, being a pioneer in this field, is available to advise on the rules issued by International Chamber of Commerce governing a documentary credit.

The bank brings additional comfort to you when you are dealing with an unknown buyer or a less known banking institutions in case we are called upon to add our confirmation to a letter of credit, thus guaranteeing payment should compliant documents be presented under a letter of credit.

You can export under documentary collection or open account and protect yourself against payment default from your buyers by availing yourself of our Credit Protection cover, an export insurance product under the umbrella of Atradius, subject to conditions.

If you are a Middleman in the trade process, you don’t have to worry about trade documentation. Our trade team, being well versed in this field, is also available to advise on the best way to proceed with the transfer of your rights under a documentary credit to third parties, be it through a transferable documentary credit or a back to back letter of credit.

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