online payment gateway services

Online payment gateway

We will be pleased to accompany your business in the prospected endeavors to offer online payment gateway solutions to its valued customers. We really hope that our package will suit your daily business requirements.

A. The perfect payment gateway solution for your business and customers

  • International gateway experience

    Our gateway is in partnership with MasterCard Payment Gateway services (MPGS).

  • Seamless integration

    The technical integration must be done by a webmaster appointed by the merchant. The choice of website design, features and consequently the webmaster will determine your risk exposure and successfulness in terms of visits and generated sales turnover.

  • Plugins available for immediate purchase



  • Enhanced Online payment solutions

    Our recommended integration is our 3 Party-checkout with which two existing solutions are offered:

    a) Lightbox | i-Frame solution – the customer stays on your website to insert the card details in a pop-up window;

    b) Personalised payment page – provision for the insertion of company’s Logo or Picture (slogan, marketing advert, campaign banner etc..), merchant name, address and phone number.

    Our 3-Party checkout model is Smart device friendly including mobile, and offers free Partner-personalization, thus allowing the merchant full control on branding and transaction flow.

  • Cards Network

    We presently support Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. UPI/China Union Pay is presently under development.

  • Variety of payment alternatives and methods

    Purchase only, Auth & Capture, Tokenisation, Payment plan and alternatives payments under development.

  • Acquiring currencies

    Multi-acquiring currencies are available and settlement in MUR, USD, EUR, GBP & ZAR. Contact us should you require any additional currencies.

  • Web-based merchant admin portal

    Accept, view & download transaction reports online and free access to the real-time dashboard through a single entry point for a better transaction management. Users can manage their password by themselves and different privileges are available such as view only, refunds, admin and webmaster.

  • Free notification tools

    Email notifications to cardholders and/or merchants, automatic generation of transaction receipt and webhook services customised and activated as per your business requirements.

Website requirements

The Merchant’s website must:

Use of logos
  • Indicate card payment acceptance using authorised signage or logos as approved and / or provided by the Bank;
  • In case of 3D secure being activated, display the corresponding logos such as Verified by Visa, MasterCard Securecode and American Express SafeKey on the home, security information and checkout pages;
  • Under no circumstances, make use of the MCB logo or any of its subsidiaries, unless a prior written authorisation provided by the Bank;

Product & services offering
  • Have complete description of goods or services offered;
  • Have a return, cancel and refund policy;
  • Have and display customer service contact information, including email address or telephone number and respective business hour;
  • Display the transaction currency;
  • Display the country of the Merchant’s domicile;
  • Indicate delivery charges, time frames for delivery and any restrictions;
  • Have a delivery policy;
  • Have and display a consumer data privacy policy;
  • Display any applicable export restriction;
  • Display any applicable guarantees and warranties;
  • Have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with a minimum of 128 bits to web pages requiring customer’s details;

Checkout process
  • Allow the Cardholder to confirm their order, not limited to a detailed checkout page showing summary of orders and all relevant charges;
  • The Merchant’s website shall make a requirement that customers read and accepts the Terms and conditions before their order can be processed and the Merchant’s website must require the cardholder to select a “click-to-accept” or other affirmative button to acknowledge the policy. The terms and conditions of the purchase must be displayed on the same screen view as the checkout screen used to present the total purchase amount or within the sequence of website pages the cardholder accesses during the checkout process;
  • Commit to process orders promptly and any updates communication to cardholder by e-mail. Updates include, but not be limited to, order processing, order confirmation, delivery time frames, delivery charges, refunds, stock control and cancellation processes;
  • In case of a transaction authorisation being successful/approved, the Merchant shall send a Transaction receipt by email and the transaction receipt must include the following details:

    - Trading and/or company name;
    - Location address including city and country;
    - Website address;
    - Date of transaction;
    - Accurate description of goods and/or services ordered and respective amount;
    - Delivery charges and shipping type (standard, express, pick-up etc);
    - Shipping address (if applicable);
    - VAT (if applicable);
    - Total amount of order (inclusive of taxes);
    - Mode of payment;
  • In case of a transaction authorization is not successful, the website should as follows:

    - Display a message or page to communicate to the Cardholder that the purchase will not be completed with the card that was declined;
    - Offer an opportunity for the Cardholder to enter new card account number and try again; or
    - Present a button that, when clicked, opens a new page that allows the cardholder to reinitiate the purchase.

List of online businesses that the Bank does not accept:

  • Child Pornography, Adult Material & Bestiality;
  • Firearms / Hate / Rape / Violence;
  • Sale of Counterfeit/ Replica or Trademark infringing products & services;
  • Potentially Deceptive Marketing Practices;
  • Pharmaceutical products and Drugs;
  • Online sales of Nutraceutical products;
  • Tobacco and other related products;
  • Online betting/gambling;
  • Online FOREX dealings;
  • Aggregation;
  • Travel & Entertainment (only on case-by-case basis) such as accommodation, tour operators and collection of rentals.

B. PaySmart by MCB

The PaySmart Solution by MCB is web-based solution to acquire online card payments and it has the following characteristics:
  • Standalone web based solution

    No integration and/or interaction with any of the merchants systems. To connect to our PaySmart solution, users only have to connect to URL

  • Personalization options available (restricted)

    Provision for the insertion of logo, personalized greetings, generic email and notifications;

  • Acquire online payments in a safe and secure environment

    Anywhere, anytime and ‘on the move’

  • Unlimited operator logins IDs/users

    User just require an email address and manage their own password;

  • Different levels of operators

    View only, operators, refunds, managers and administrators;

  • Payments are acquired in 3 simple steps

    Create payments, Send and Response – notifications; users can use the generic email provided by the bank or copy the unique URL into their own email.

Requested documents and information:

  • CNP information form (F1486);
  • Detailed CNP business plan;
  • Business Registration Card clearly mentioning the business name, business address and line of business;
  • Trade License clearly mentioning the business name and business address;
  • Website URL providing login details to full and completed website including user name and password;
  • List of directors.