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Step Up Plan

Step Up car lease puts you in the driving seat.

Specially tailored for young professionals starting out in their careers, Step Up car lease lets you drive the car you want and adjust your repayments as you climb the career ladder. It's that simple! 
With our Step Up repayment plan, you have the flexibility to choose:
  • Your initial deposit amount
  • The step Up % increase over the repayment plan

Other advantages of our Step Up repayment plan:

  • Deposit of only 5% of the cost of a new or used vehicle/equipment
  • Reimbursement period of up to 5 years (depending on asset)
  • No guarantee needed other than the financed asset
  • A free Fleetman Debit card for your fuel purchases
  • Dedicated contact for proximity and better service
  • Fast processing
  • Open to MCB and non-MCB clients

Checklist when applying for a step up lease.

For an Individual:
  • Bank statements if non-MCB client
  • 3 months pay slip
  • Certified copy of Identity card
  • Supplier's invoice/quotation